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Is it true that Will Ferrell is struggling with drug and acohol addictions? We will be the first to report on the updates as we ascertain the validity of our sources.

If our sources are correct, he will be entering rehab for D&A abuse.

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  1. Why do we, as a society, care if some actor has a drinking problem and has to go to rehab for it? GOOD FOR HIM if he is going to rehab! The media makes such a spectacle of it as if it’s a horrible thing. In reality, thankfully, he can admit his addiction and do something for it. Good for him if this is true and people should stay out of his business. Anybody else agree- Or do you think that you would like your name splattered all over magazine covers saying your a drunk and make it sound like rehab is prison?

    Comment by Annelise | October 26, 2008

  2. I agree that it is that person’s personal business and not the public. I put the blame totally on the shoulders of the MEDIA! There would be less problems all around if the media & public didn’t sensationalize this behavior.

    Too many people put movie stars, rock stars, public figures on a pedestal. It is past time parents and the public started to direct children to idolize someone who really does something to better their world. Look at fireman who save people/property everyday, scientists who discover cures for cancer, the list could go on.

    I respect parents that teach there children to WORK for a living!

    Comment by Kathryn | October 27, 2008

  3. I completely agree with you Kathryn! I couldn’t have said it better.

    Comment by Annelise | October 27, 2008

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