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I am sad to report this shocking news about tragedy with former American Idol star and the star of the movie “Dreamgirls”, Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother have been found dead in a home in Chicago on the South Side, Hudson’s 7 year old nephew is also reported missing.

Jennifer Hudson’s sister’s husband is being blamed for taking the nephew.

Read more on this horrible story here:

So sad. A tragedy. How do you like that? Jennifer Hudson makes her dreams come true with music and acting in movies, and this is what she gets?

My heart goes out to Jennifer Hudson although I’m not a fan of her music, but she deserves the support. Thank god, nothing happened to Jennifer Hudson herself and glad that she is still alive.

This is messed up. Not only that I think that her sister’s husband took the nephew, I also blame him for killing Jennifer’s mother and brother. Hope the truth is uncovered quickly…


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  1. Once again, if this young “starlet” hadn’t gotten on American Idol, nobody would care and the killings would have gone unnoticed and it would have been regarded as just another ‘african american killing in the bad part of town’. Besides- if this woman has so much money, why does her entire family still live in a tiny house in the crime-ridden part of town? I, once again, think that we should be focused on issues that ACTUALLY matter to the nation as a whole. Many people are shot everyday, but our news is not flooded with all their investigations, this should be no different.

    Comment by Annelise | October 29, 2008

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